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Bullfrog Help!!! Please help me!?

Bullfrog Help!!! Please help me!?

Ok, so I got a (Bullfrog???) tadpole about six, five months ago. Now it looks just like a mini (Bull) frog. Is it maturing too early? If you can give me some links to pictures of tadpoles that look similar to bullfrog tadpoles and pictures of bullfrog tadpoles (plz label them so I know which is which). Also, can you define a froglet? I am confused. Is it a young frog that is fully developed with NO tail at all, or a tadpole that is basically a frog, just with a tail stub that has to be absorbed? Do they eat during the stage where they are basically a frog with a stubby tail? I heard at that stage they just use up the nutrients in their tails and star eating again after their tail is all gone. Please, serious answers only, and if you can, try to answer all of my questions. I really need this information for my frog!

I am planning on feeding it small crickets, bloodworms, maybe gnats, flies, and maybe some spiders as a snack.

I bought it with money from a store. I need to know what type of frog it will become. it is a brown green color with black and brown dots on its body, legs, and arms. Its legs and arms are actually yellower.

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    it sounds like a normal transformation if its coming outta the water and the sucker mouth has turned into the typical wide frog mouth then it should be ready to eat anything the tail is the last thing to go and frogs have voracious appetites and will eat anything that fits in their mouths...worms, insects, spiders, fish, other frogs and cage mates i mean anything especially bull frogs because of their size....your description sounds like it could be a bull or a green frog and the way to tell for sure is to look at the ridges on the back if they curl around the ear its a bull frog if they continue straight down the back its a green frog......do an image search online for both and compare them to yours once you see it you'll know exactly what im trying to describe

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