Those who were TTC, How long did it take you to get pregnant?

Once you started calculating your ovulation days and stuff? I just wanna know how many got pregnant right away. I am REALLY hoping I'll get pregnant this month, I know chances are slim though..

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  • fortes
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    4 years ago

    With my first being pregnant I were on BC for 3 years. I have been given off of it and grew to become into pregnant in 2 months. I have been given back on when I had my son and that i only stopped taking it a month in the past and that i'm at the instant TTC. i assume it only differs with each and every woman. stable success!

  • 1 decade ago

    My first one it took about 3 and a half months and for my second baby that is due is about 2 weeks it took a little over a yr. Like another lady said it was just fun trying.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I wrote on here three months ago asking why I wasn't pregnant when I'm in good health, and my family has no past issues with this. I thought maybe I was just one of those people who couldn't.

    I'll be 14 weeks on Friday :) Guess it didn't take long after all!!

  • 1 decade ago

    my first 3 months. however my second took over a year. like 14-15 months

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  • 1 decade ago


    I conceived 5 months after trying. Unfortunately i miscarried.

    I then Conceived my daughter 7 months after my miscarriage.

    When i began trying i thought it was a pretty much done deal. Its only when i started looking around that you realise how many people are TTC.

    I would get excited at the littlest signs and feel heartbroken when i would have my period or negative result.

    I honestly think your body reacts to things that are not there when you want it so much.

    when i was TTC i soent 5 months, charting, etc working out best days having sex in best positions not eating certain foods. It was going over and over in my head 24/7. Then i lost the baby. it took a while to deal with it but it made my want for a child stronger.

    3 months after my miscarriage i began trying again.

    for 3 months i did the same. I felt down and depressed, i thought it was never going to be me.

    Eventually i gave up

    I told my partner we needeed a break from it. the next month i missed TTC so much. I put it too the back of my mind we had sex but not at certain times and dates. I felt like we were together all over again. and we were close.

    We decided to give ourselves the next year to conceive.

    The next month i was ill. I didnt think nothing of it, after all we werent trying.

    The start of my next cycle was coming soon so we started planning on trying again. i wokred out when i was ovulating and we were set to go. My period never arrived and i got all worked up. I was so looking forward to starting again and i felt like my body was all over the place. I felt let down again. It took another week for me to think i could be.

    i convinced myself to get a test and to my suprise it was positve.

    Our daughter arrived at 36 weeks and we named her Olivia Kate.

    I couldnt believe how it all worked out considering

    I think the key to it all is not interfearing and letting nature take its course. (thats what ill be doing next time!!)

    Take care of yourslef and try not to think of it

    you'll get there eventually

    good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    2 months, but then I miscarried. But then 6 weeks later, I was preggo again :) Odd thing is I tried for 2 years with a previous partner and never got pregnant.

  • 1 decade ago

    First one was a surprise! Second one took 3 months of actively trying.

    Source(s): 23 weeks w/ #2
  • 4 months with my first

    5 with my second that I'm 8 1/2 weeks prego with

    We didn't stress over ovulation days. We just enjoyed ourselves and didn't worry

  • It took us 5 months.

  • 1 decade ago

    5 months. well i got preg first month but it was a chemical pregnancy and it took four months after that to get preg.. the best advice i can give is relax its the best thing and try to not think about it you will get preg soon :D

    Source(s): 10 weeks pregnant and happy:D
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