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really wanting to try drugs?!?!?

I'm a fourteen year old girl, and lately I've been having this massive urge to do drugs.. LSD or cocaine mostly D: I have no idea why, I've never done any before.. but what are the effects when you do them? and also how can I get doing this out of my head? x

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    No need to ask twice ;)

    Please wait until you are older, more mature, both mentally and physically.

    The main issues with taking drugs so young, is that with out adequate supervision by a knowledgable person (and where are you going to find that at your age, one that is responsible, actually knowledgable and without agenda) and sufficient preparation with proper attention and respect paid to 'set and setting' (again something difficult to correctly attain considering your age), you are highly likely to run into troubles.

    Physically, your brain has not fully developed and many drugs will interfere with its development. The development of the brain continues right up to around 19 - 22 years of age, but it has mostly developed at around 17 - 18, thats when, if you are going to, you should be thinking of experimenting with drugs. However, drugs can seriously interfere with studies, as can socialising, and those are the years usually associated with university, don't mess those up either, they can be very difficult to revisit.

    In all honesty, one should be fully versed with the literature on drugs from an early age, about your age, but not actually try them until one is in, or ideally, left their highest level of education (usually uni).

    Your biggest immediate problem will be 'set and setting', the mindset and place for the experience, and knowledge.

    There are a few really good, accurate and unbiased forums, however, you have to be 18 or older to participate (and they have ways of checking) aand their browseability is reduced for non-members.

    Most your age, and even those a bit older, that think they know what they are talking about regarding drugs, plainly don't.

    So who will you turn to if you panic or have a bad experience? Your parents - and scare the wit from them, medical staff - and be badly treated and have it on your record and your parents informed, friends - possibly make things worse, others - and they may call the police.

    With the current public and official stance on recreational drug use being what it is, a den of double standards, misinformation, fear and lies, this is a desicion you must not take lightly.

    Also, depending on what you have access to or decide to experiment with, you run the real risk of harm and addiction.

    Don't make the mistake that many have and experiment too young. There is plenty of time for life experiences, make these years full of having fun being a teenager and education.

    LSD is quite a 'hard hitter', can take much preparation and is highly dependant on set and setting.

    Cocain can lead to brain damage, psychosis and addiction.

    Do as much research as you possibly can and by the time you are a few years older, you should be armed with enough sense and knowledge to make positive and constructive experiences of drugs.

    And when/if you do get there, some humble advice

    - stay away from opiates, especially heroin, morphine, opium and any pharma stronger than codeine/DHC. - (i.e. don't even try once)

    - stay away from Methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, industrial chemicals - especially freon, petroleum distillates, glues and modelling/industrial solvents, ether, most delirients like the tropane alkaloids (scopolamine, hyoscyamine, atropine etc - found in the nightshade/potato family) - (i.e. don't even try once)

    - keep use down to an absolute minimum of most stimulants like amphetamine, cocaine, BZP, beta-ketones, ecstacy (unless one knows it definately is one of Shulgin's 'nice' phenyls), - (i.e. a few times a year at most)

    - be aware of those substances that badly effect the liver like alcohol, smoking (anything but especially in combination with something else that batters the liver), paracetamol, z-drugs, benzodiazepines, dyphenhydramine, myristicin (nutmeg), improperly prepared kava kava

    Never combine CNS depressants.

    Never take hallucinogens if diagnosed with certain mental disorders without first consulting a

    medical professional qualified to dispense advise regarding hallucinogenics (not your regular doctor). Be aware that they may bring to the surface early any undiagnosed disorders.

    If overdose is seriously suspected, go to, or call, immediately the emergency services.

    Take heed and take care

    Source(s): www.drugs-forum.com www.erowid.org www.maps.org www.bluelight.ru www.hofmann.org real life common sense university over two decades of private research
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    I did. I was determined to go without pain medication with my son, but 12 1/2 hours in, I couldn't take anymore. However, I was induced. I was having less than 1 minute intervals between the contractions for 10 of those hours. And the pitocin made them so much stronger than the normal contractions I had experienced with my daughter. So I gave in and 1 1/2 hour later, my son was born. It's perfectly fine to decide against the drugs, but don't feel bad if you change your mind later. The most important thing is that you safely deliver a healthy baby. Don't worry, enjoy your pregnancy and good luck. :)

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    I said the same thing as you did at 14, and now, after years of drug abuse, in recovery. It is never worth it. I started with weed, then coke, crack, heroin, and meth. Ended up in the hospital for trying to kill myself, cause I could not stop. Then, I ended up with getting hooked on Oxycontin, Percocets, Fentanyl, Methadone, for the last nine years. In the last two years, I OD'ed four times, that is four times I could, and should be dead. But I am here, checked into a detox, started my meetings, so on so forth. But I ask myself, why did I pick up? because I wanted to. Dumbest thing I ever done. Now, my liver is damaged, with time, it will repair itself, for the most part.

    What they will do to you? Heart attacks, nose bleeding, heart disease, liver damage and liver failure, brain damage, collapsed veins, lung damage, shall I go on? of course, coke can give you instant death, even on your first try.

    How to get it out of your head? Ask yourself, is it worth all that you will go through if and when you become addicted? Same thing I have to ask myself every time I feel like using, what will it get me if I do? nowhere, but dead....

    Source(s): Years of living it, now living without it
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    You really need to find a diversion that is healthy.

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    if you are planning to look like a zombie then go ahead do it

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    Don't do it. It's not worth it.

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