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Is it bad to wear a bra every day and every night?

I have quite a small cup. the only time i dont wear a bra is when i'm in the shower or when im wearing a bikini. is this bad and does this stop breast growth?

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    There is no effect on your body whether you sleep with or without a bra. It is really a matter of your personal preference and what makes you comfortable.

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    In many ways it's good for breast support. It prevents sagging. As long as your comfortable and the bra isn't too tight on your breasts you should be fine sleeping with it on. My only concern is that it might cut off circulation a little bit. Other than that, there shouldn't be a problem. Personally, I wouldn't wear it going to sleep though. I tend to sleep on my belly and if I wore a bra, it'd be more pressure on my breasts, making them stay a small size. It may stop growth.

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    it doesnt matter when you wear a bra. Its not going to effect your development. its perfectly fine!

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