What help is there for single, teenaged mums?

I'm 16 and I'm pregnant with my first baby. I was in a relationship with the dad when we had sex but since breaking up I've discovered I'm pregnant. He doesnt want to be involved and I was wondering what financial help and emotional/ physical support there is available to people in this position

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    okay sweetheart you have a lot of bad answers. i got pregnant with my 1st child when i was 16 and i had her when i was 17. today she is 3 yrs old and is a wonderful child to have around. 1st off ignore anyone that says mean and retarded things to you. there is a lot of help out there for you. yes, you should file for child support! regardless if he WANTS to be a dad to the child he has responsibilities to that child that he MUST provide financial help. okay next thing, here in FL they have a program, (talk to your counsler at school about this, they should know) that will pay for all the expenses of child care while you are at school. i got this for as long as i was in school! very useful! PLZ DONT DROP OUT OF SCHOOL! now emotional support, you can go to your health clinic and there should be support groups that you can talk to. they will help, being able to talk about this whole situation with ppl that have been through this and know what it is like will help. also while you are there you need to get on WIC this is a program that help you buy food while you are pregnant, it is only some certain food, but it is also a big help. when the baby is born if you chose to breast feed then they will keep giving you food and if not then they will give you food for i believe 6 months and the baby some formula. i know what its like to have a baby and the father not be involved, my 3 yr olds father hasnt seen her in 3 months and before that 2 and a half years, so practically her whole life, its tough, but you can do it. you didnt screw up your life, what happened was now you have a reason to work harder to make sure you and that baby are taken care of. with out my baby being born while i was in school i probably would have dropped out i was so sick of school, but i knew what i had to do for her and you sound like a smart woman too, i know you will do what is right, or you probably wouldnt be asking for help. good luck to you and i hope i helped in some way

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    Well if giving up your parental rights were as easy as "I just don't want to" then you would have a lot of orphans and A LOT more kids with only one parent. Whether he likes to think so or not, he is legally responsible to help financially support his child. Unfortunately there is no law that states he has to be physically involved, but I don't imagine there are too many parents paying child support and never having been involved in the childs life. Let him know that you do expect help in every sense of it and if he thinks he can ditch out, let him know that there is a little something called "back pay child support" and if he chooses not to work until he is done school, and does not put in equal time in raising the child, he will be responsible to pay up as soon as he DOES start working.

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    child support, WIC, support from family, talk to your guidance counselor at school (they can usually set up some kind of help), you will have to get a small part time job to help support the baby, if you qualify you can get foodstamps, medical, and day care.

    some things to think about:

    how do you plan on buying things such as diapers, wipes, toys, bath necessities, clothes, food?? who is going to watch him while you finish school? can you afford daycare if you need it? can you handle school, work, homework, and a baby? do u enjoy going out with your friends and maybe partying?? bc u wont have time to do that once u have this baby. i went through going to school/working/homework/parenting it and it was TOUGH i lived on 3 - 4 hours of sleep a night and lots of energy drinks my senior yr.

    Source(s): 1st pregnancy at 17
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    make him pay child support, and just an FYI, u probably already know this but u just screwed your future

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    God is the only help for you lol

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