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How do I recommend an answer as one of the "best of" featured answers?

I read all about how they are going to have these featured best answers, and now I don't see anything about it, or how to send in an answer. So how do I recommend a best answer, or is that not available yet? Actually, any information would be useful.

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    When you go to a question you can click on the star to give it one if you find it interesting. When a question gets a star, it’s automatically nominated to appear in the “Popular” list on the Answers home page. There are no points for the asker.

    Yahoo currently has a 100 point bonus being offered for recommending questions.

    * Questions must have been asked and answered within the last 3 months – freshness matters!

    * No questions containing profanity, obscenity, relating to sex, alcohol, etc.

    * Questions must follow the Community Guidelines

    * Answers should be thorough and complete and should NOT be plagiarized. Here’s an example of a good question and answer: Is eating the inside of an orange peel good for you?

    * Question and answer should be relatively free from typos and grammatical errors

    Submit your questions via email at:

    ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq ₪

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