Why do scientific treatises invite you to challenge their data and conclusions, whilst religious ones...?

... all but beg you not to?

Even the most realistic religulous ones which know they are going to be challenged beg you only to challenge them entirely on their terms and in their home court.

People who invoke Aristotle's so-called 'first principles' fall into this category. They think they are safe in once again invoking the authority of this circuitous figure to immunize themselves against serious challenges.

Does anyone know how many conceivable 'first principles' types there are? To the theist it matters not; since Aristotle already gave you your b0ner, why should you be concerned with anything else?


Exod, those aren't challenges you speak of. Closer to grafitti.

Do you view grafitti as a challenge to the building it finds itself on?

Update 2:

Safe... your name says it all. retard.

Do 'first principles' precedent the objects of lifeless universes?

Update 3:

...you offer me no meaningful advice here. You are too dumb to.

Please next time, try to make yourself useful.

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    Since when does science invite you to challenge it? Whenever someone tries to challenge evolution on here everyone calls them stupid and says they have to accept it cause it's a fact.

  • Gary B
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    Because you are talking to the wrong people.

    Try this: Pick someone at random on the street in any city large than say, 500,000 people. Walk up to a person at random, tell them you have evidence that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is wrong, and you would like them to take the opposite point and prove to that it is right.

    Unless you happen to stumble upon a physicist, most of them will shut up and walk the other direction, and a few might give you the finger. But you will probably NOT get an answer other than, "My teacher taught it, I believe it, and that ends it."

    WHY? because those people are not TRAINED to give you answer! They are mothers and fathers and secretaries and insurance agents and policemen and . . . . .

    Same with Christians. Most of them are NOT trained to be Apologeticists. They are Evangelists, which is simply a teacher with one subject.

    But when you read a scientific treatise, you are reading the thoughts of an EXPERT in the field, someone who, if you disagree with them, will cut you ideas to ribbons, and in the process expose you to much public ridicule So why not apply the same principles to your Christian research?

    Contact a Christian Apologeticists like Ravi Zacharias, Hank Hannegraff, John MacArthur, or Matt Slick (They are all on the internet, and all accept email). Present THEM with you your best and strongest arguments against their beliefs, and see if you can last more than 15 minutes before you resort to foul language and name calling as your only means of defense.

    if you are going to make accusations then APPLY THE RULES FAIRLY. Either ask your scientific questions to "The Man on The Street", or ask your religious questions to the trained experts in the field of religion.

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