Please help!! I can't stop having intercourse!! :(?

Ok, heres the deal. I'm a Christian and I believe in God with all my heart. There is just one area where I am lacking and this one has been the most prevalent.

First, despite the rude responses I will get, I am going to be honest about the kind of person I am. I have never had a good gf or a good friend for that matter that was a female before. Most of the time I have problems with them because the nerds/geeks don't get the fine women. I am going through a divorce now as we speak. I have not lived with my kids mother since April. Let another man move in while I was living there. But that's another story...

So, I meet this woman who is incredibly awesome. But what is so great about her and our relationship is how good of friends we are. We talk literally all the time, everyday. She's texting me now as I'm typing this message. She's a model and an actress and I have never been with anyone so beautiful in my life. She spends the night quite often but we do a lot of talking.

She just got through sharing one of the books in the series that she's reading.

This woman is a Christian too but has been physical longer than I have.

We are in our mid 20's.

Basically put, and I mean this in the most respectful way, she is a freak. And it is awesome.

She has class though, she's not loud, ignorant, irrational, she's quite intelligent which has helped us connect on an intellectual level. She's like jennifer lopez with the brain of someone from jeopardy...

However, when we are physical, even just kissing, its passionate. One time we kissed for 4 hours. lol I know i'm going to get some crazy comments but i'm just saying... Physically, I am connected in a way that I don't know how to let go of or even slow down because sometimes... my flesh tells me it doesnt want to.

How can I do something about this issue?

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    ppl he is a TROLL

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    Die and go to hell..... Please (( From God ))

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