why does my pee burn?

On Monday I was at an airport and really had to go to the bathroom, it took around 30 to 45 minutes before I went. When I did go it burnt badly. Throughout the flight it was very painful to urinate, and at one point my pee was reddish. I drank more water and it became clear and only burned at the end of my pee. Today it still burns at the end of my pee. And right now, "my area" burns a little. But that burning sensation is random and not too painful just uncomfortable. Thank you.

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    It sounds like an UTI (urinary track infection), try drinking some cranberry juice to flush it out. As well as going to your Gyno or regular doc for some antibiotics that'll take the discomfort and pain when you go.

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    That used to happen to me when I was younger all the time. There is a multiple amount of things that could possibly be wrong. It could be from dehydration or a UTI. You should drink more water everyday for a week and if it is still continuing go to see your doctor.

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    Initially I was going to say that you may have held it for too long, but if it still burns, you need to go to the doctor. It could be one of two things I believe. Either you held it for too long and you damaged something. Or you have a Sexually Transmitted Disease and need antibiotics to clear it up.

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    It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. You need a diagnosis and treatment plan to rid yourself of the infection so get in to see your doctor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like you have a bladder infection. go to the doctor and have them give you some amoxicillian.

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    see your doctor and research, but im guessing you might have a water infection

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