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I have The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and I have a question!?

Okay so I have The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and I have season 1 and season 2 then I didn't notice that I have volume 3 and volume 4. Whats the diffference between volumes and seasons? And one day I watched all of them one day in season 2 and volume 3 it skips some episodes and then i watched volume 4 and from volume 3 and volume 4 it skipped episodes too. Why did it skip episodes? Was it the TV or Dvds? Or do I not have all the Dvd episodes of The secret Life Of The American Teenager? Because I thought I had them all.

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    While you can usually get a few answers to TV programming questions here, this is a consumer electronics forum that deals primarily with television equipment and technical issues. There is a separate forum on Yahoo Answers for TV programming questions like yours. For more and better answers, go to "All Categories" > "Entertainment & Music" > "Television" and post your question there.

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    right....not so sure on this but i think:

    Take GLEE for example -season 1 had 2 volumes...had a short break in between....

    so SEASON 1 & SEASON 2 have all the volumes in those seasons....

    and u have VOLUMES 3&4...of wat series/season....get 1&2 lol.....

    u get me?


    x volume=season

    might be wrong...

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