What can we gather about someone with a lot of personal planets in the 5th house?

Have you ever known anyone with a stellium of personal planets (e.g. Sun, Moon, Venus) in the 5th house?

Are they an outgoing person? Friendly? Are they a party person? Are they good in social situations? Are they good in the spotlight? Do they function well in small group settings? Are they good team players?

What can we expect from someone with these placements? What are their main drives, and where do they function best?

Thank you..!

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    i'm pretty suspicious if they can be good team players. they would be friendly towards those who would listen to their exaggrated stories but not genuinely friendly in general. outgoing and rest, should be yes.

    after searching a few i found amy winehouse has venus and mars there (as a bonus in leo at the same time); http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/CdL6S84jz7c3.h...

    though not involved with your question her neptune moon conjunction in 9th house; alcoholism and drugs?

    her jupiter uranus conjunction in 9th house sag again; being able to use her eccentric character wisely/pragmatically?

    most probably aries rising; that's why she looks angry most of the time?

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    You kind of answered your own question. Yes that is how they would be. The Leo influence on them would be huge. Check out harsh aspects like conjunctions, oppositions, and squares that could show up in there. That will be a clue to what drives them and how their energies work within what the 5th House rules.

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