Decorating my baby girls nursery, can anyone give me ideas?

I asked this question a few days ago, and I only got 4 answers... so I was wondering if I can get more answers out of you guys?!

We are moving in the fall, our daughter will be 11-12 months around that time. We want to give her a room that will last her until she is old enough to want to change it to her own taste. This is the bedding she has:

We have oak furniture in her nursery now, but we are planning to buy her all white furniture (like in the picture) and use the other furniture for baby #2 (which we will ttc in a few months).

Any ideas on how to decorate and paint her nursery? What colours, designs and accessories?


Ps- I don't really want to keep the walls white.


I'm so sorry about the link.

Here it is:

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    Girrrrrrrl, have I got the answer for you! If you ever get downtime, go here:

    There's like a bazillion ideas here! Have fun!!!

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    Well this is the bedding we got Lillian, it's not too baby-ish

    We have coffee colored furniture.

    We were going to paint the walls a light pink but the curtains are thermal and the light coming in makes hte room look pink already. I don't want it to be super pink. So I was going to put a tree mural on her wall. I can't find the link to it though

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    We are moving into our new house next month (so excited!) and I will painting one wall of Ari's room pink and putting a big, white tree decal on it. It will hopefully look something like this:

    I stole this idea from a cousin in law who did it for her 4 year old's room. I like it because it's not too babyish, but it is little girlish and she'll probably like it for at least the next 3-4 years. =D

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    A nice purple (for the walls) is better for a girl (in my opinion) than pink if u want her to like it for a while...

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    it would help if the link wasn't broken.

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