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my kitten has a scab on the back of its neck and underneath and its has no energy.. what could it be from?

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    A Scab...


    Well, seeing that it has a scab under and an top of its neck, it sounds like it got bitten by something. Or stuck between something sharp. It could have no energy because it tried to escape.

    OR, if it was bit there are many poisonous creatures that cause they're prey or attacker to slow down and slowly die...

    If your kitten continues to be tired, take him to the vet.

    Another thing...

    Kittens are playful and active, they're babies :3. They will get tired out easily.

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    The scabs on either side of the neck likely signify and injury of some type, perhaps even a bite. Often bites get infected and when that happens the cat may run a fever, become lethargic and not eat. The first step is a veterinary visit to determine what is going on so appropriate therapy can begin.

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    Hot weather? I don't know go to the vets!

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    i don't know. vet time!

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