Can you convert your itunes music from one computer to a new computer?

I got a new computer for Christmas and on my itunes I have like 1000 songs on my old computer ... is their any way for me to convert them onto my new computer. I tried saving the songs on a memory stick and putting them on my new computer but it says that it isnt the original file... Suggestions?

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    There are many ways to copy songs to a new computer. Here are some main ways to do it.

    First, consolidate your library by going to "file" > "library" > "organize" and checking the "consolidate library" box. This will move all your music into your music folder. When that's finished find your music folder and copy the folder onto your flash drive. Then, copy the music folder's contents into your new computer's music folder. When you've done that, THEN open iTunes and click "file" "add folder to library" and adding your music folder.


    Connect both computers to the same network. Go to "advanced" and click "turn on home sharing" on both computers. Now on your new computer you can transfer all your songs, movies, ect via the network (just check for your old computer on your new computer's iTunes sidebar)


    Copy all the songs you want into one playlist. Insert a blank CD or DVD and click "burn disc". When the dialog opens, select "data disc" (this fits more songs per disc). Click burn and wait. When finished, insert the new disc into your new computer and import your songs using iTunes (if there is no import button, then just select all of the songs and click and drag them onto where it says "music")

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    your songs are media files which should be on your computer. Instead of looking through iTunes, search the folder of your HD for the song files and copy them to a blank disc. when you get the new computer, jsut copy from the CD.

    you copy the files or transfer them - you don't convert them (you're not changing the files themselves, just moving them).

    "I tried saving the songs on a memory stick and putting them on my new computer "

    and how did you do that? You obviopusly made a msiatke, but it's hard to pinpoint what you did wrong when you don't say what you did at all.

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    itunes contain only short cut of the orignal u probably have to download them again or search google for softwares to do that...i once passed through one....:D

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