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Éilis asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdolescent · 1 decade ago

What's this "No Homo" thing about?!?!?

I've seen a few people say it on Y!A. Where did it come from? I've never heard anyone say it in real life...

I know what it means just want to know why people are saying it?


So is it offensive to gay people...?

Update 2:

One of a Kind - Did you really just ask me that question? I live in Ireland, not the middle ages! I guess we just don't say it here...you don't have to justify yourself like that by saying No Homo. It's stupid.

Update 3:

Madt - Yeah I tell my friends they look gorgeous all the time, hug them and give them kisses on the cheek. It doesn't mean I'm not straight and even if someone thought I wasn't because I did it, it shouldn't even matter!

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    snap . i think its ridiculous and ive never heard anyone say it real life either .

    like if you answering an ' am i pretty ' question on yahoo answers ,. some of the same sex might say ' youre hot ,. no homo ' meaning that she thinks the girl is hot even though shes straight .. i think its stupid . this is 2010 ,. you can call someone hot without it meanings that you fancy the person . i dont know if its offensive to gay people ,. i suppose some gay people could take it offensively because its not used in a particularly complementary way to them .

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    People do it on facebook. Mainly girls who are into a particular sort of music and dress a certian sort of way. *cough CHAVS*

    I have nothing against them but when they comment on pictures of there friends they'll put something like *awww, you look nice, no homo, babes. X

    its just stupid and offensive

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some people feel insecure after saying something that can be interpreted as homosexual, so they coin the phrase, "no homo."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's when you say something flirty to another guy, and to show that it's just a joke, you say "no homo" after.

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  • kwi
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    1 decade ago

    you just say it after you say somethinq someone miqht find 'gay'

  • because its what lil wayne used to say. do you know who little wayne is? lol

    Source(s): not really all your saying is that your not gay :)
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