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Is depression something you NEED help with?

Is it something that you can overcome with just trying to be optimistic? I've been depressed for a while and the reasons for being depressed is something which will never go away, the circumstances that cause my depression will never change.

I don't want to go into the detail of the circumstances, but I find myself pretending to be okay, when inside I'm not. I'm afraid that the feeling will never go away, and each day it feels like a burden that keeps getting heavier and heavier.

I just want to know how to feel better, I want to know if depression can just go away, because I cannot cope with it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help.


It's not something minor like a boyfriend breaking up with me or a friend moving away, I wouldn't consider those to create depression.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depression is very common and affects as many as 1 in 8 people in their teen years. Depression affects people of every color, race, economic status, or age; however, it does seem to affect more girls than guys.

    Sometimes friends or family members recognize that someone is depressed. They may respond with love, kindness, or support, hoping that the sadness will soon pass. They may offer to listen if the person wants to talk. If the depressed feeling doesn't pass with a little time, friends or loved ones may encourage the person to get help from a doctor, therapist, or counselor.

    But not everyone recognizes depression when it happens to someone they know.

    Some people don't really understand about depression. For example, they may react to a depressed person's low energy with criticism, yelling at the person for acting lazy or not trying harder. Some people mistakenly believe that depression is just an attitude or a mood that a person can shake off. It's not that easy.

    Sometimes even people who are depressed don't take their condition seriously enough. Some people feel that they are weak in some way because they are depressed. This is wrong — and it can even be harmful if it causes people to hide their depression and avoid getting help.

    Occasionally, when depression causes physical symptoms (things like headaches or other stress-related problems), a person may see a doctor. Once in a while, even a well-meaning doctor may not realize a person is depressed, and just treat the physical symptoms.

    Research shows that depression runs in families and that some people inherit genes that make it more likely for them to get depressed. Not everyone who has the genetic makeup for depression gets depressed, though. And many people who have no family history of depression have the condition. So although genes are one factor, they aren't the single cause of depression

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    Yes you need help I tried for 5 years, ended up nearly dying through malnutrition before I got help. Don't be embarrassed and bury your head in the sand when everyone can see an elephant in the room.

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    yes you can deal with depression yourself. However, I would suggest that you seek professional help in dealing with this as you seem to have had this for a while. Therefore you may need some anti depressants or counselling

  • 1 decade ago

    Depression is a part of you & while it can be tamed or silent for years it will always be with you & can come up at any given time.

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