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Can I breathe underwater if I cut lines in my neck like a fishy does?

I want to learn how to swim but i don't want to risk drowning, I noticed that fish have these lines under their neck so if i cut some into my neck like that I'll be able to breathe underwater. right?


is that a yes or no?

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    it can be your science fair project. go ahead and try!!! tell me how that one works out....

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    You have your juggler vein right there in the neck which is connected to your heart and if you cut that you might aswell die and forget swimming :)

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    no hun you wont you'll most likely die from blood loss if you did that. if ur afraid of drowning go buy a snorkel don't try to cut yourself to give yourself gills.

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    Ask ur parents

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    1 decade ago

    At least you're looking before you leap...

  • *gasp* MJ you know better!! :)

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    uh no,

  • 1 decade ago

    Are you that freaking supid??!!!!? IDK if you're still in school or not but if you're not.....GO BACK!!

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