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Is this a weak workout?

Okay i'm 14 years old. About 120 pounds and i'm around 5'3.

I'm trying to lose weight this summer. I have 2 months. Give or take a week or 2.

I drink 8 glasses of water and walk a lot. So far this is mu currnet workout:

100 pushups

100 situps

100 squats

30 minute walk

Okay this probably isn't a lot. What more should i do. I wanna lose wieght and get more toned.


BTW i'm tryiing to lose 15-20 pounds


Can't do it at the same time!!!!!

AT the most i can do 50 squats at a time, 30 pushups at a time, and 50 situps at a time

Update 2:

So if i went on a diet of friut, vegatbles, and rice (its somthing we have to have in our family) would i be able to lose 15-20 pounds?

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    you are already at a healthy weight. there is no need to lose. You can however tone your muscles up using either light weights and long reps, or resistance bands with long reps. Light and long leads to toning, Heavy and short leads to muscle building.

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    Its not weak but bear in mind you wont lose lots of weight, because most of this is strength and will probably build muscle.

    Try to switch the 30 minute walk to a 30 minute jog. It will make such a big difference. If you cant jog for 30 minutes yet, then jog for 2, walk 1. Jog 2, walk 1. Do that for 30 minutes. After a few times make it jog 3, walk 1, jog 3, walk. Pretty soon you should be able to go for more.

    Also, diet is 80% of weight loss. Dont go on some stupid diet, but do cut out the majority of sweets, cut out all drinks except water and unsweetened tea, and eat lots of fruits and veggies. Ask your mom to switch her white bread, pasta, etc to whole wheat. Simple changes can make all the difference. Be sure to watch your portions.

    Just another tip-your weight is good now but since you want to lose weight, I would keep it to no lower than 105-110 lbs because any lower would be very unhealthy.

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    That's an incredible workout, you can actually do 100 pushups situps and squats? That's amazing, keep it up and you'll do fine. I think 15-20 lbs is too much though, you're actually at a good weight now.

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    I don't know why you're trying to lose weight. you're about right already. you can get toned doing the exercises you listed. you don't need to do more. there are lots of websites that have exercises, if you want to do more or if you want to do something different. make sure you eat right.

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    thats a pretty good workout, but try running with your walk, 5 min walk, 10 min run, and so on, it is actually very good for your heart

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