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Windows Movie Maker sound issues ?

I am trying to make a lyrics video for a song on wmm . So I have the song "Kiss N' Tell" by Ke$ha and I'm trying to add the lyrics and edit the timings . After I do that I press play and the song starts from the beginning no matter where it is . It's really frustrating me cause I have tried with other songs too and it's the same problem . Please help ? Thanks .


I'm in timeline mode ..

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    are you in filmstrip mode or timeline? you can use the pointer or arrow to set it up to start where you want it to

    I haven't use wmm because sucks to be honest

    get nero you can use the trial version for 14 days then you need to buy it awesome program blows away wmm and has a ton of video and sound edit tools and effects





    place where you can get it

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