Before Jesus, did Gods Law of Judgment include Mercy and Grace?


Actually, we tend to look at things with our Idea of Law.

There is Little Mercy or Grace in our system of Law, we feel we MUST punish.

Does God really feel like He must punish ?

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    Yes, read about Rahab and King Nebuchadnezzar. King David too felt the Lord's mercy and grace. The law revealed Sin but mercy and grace was always there for those who feared God and turned from their ways. However, these ones had to wait until Jesus came to be able to enter into the presence of God for eternity.

    Edit: @ Just so. Jesus said before Abraham was I AM. This means that Jesus was in the beginning and He is God. Quit trying to think you are clever by twisting things around.

  • Carl
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    Yes, the Law has always been there to show that man is unable to keep it and to drive man to God, simply trusting that God would provide redemption. The sacrifice of animals being instituted long before the giving of the Law, as was the promise of a Redeemer. - Check out Adam and Eve and how God dealt with them after the fall.

    When I say the Law has always been there to show man is unable to keep it, I speak from the giving of the Law at Sinai; that it's main purpose has always been to show man is guilty before a Holy and merciful God.

    God MUST deal with sin for Him to be a just God, He has either poured out His wrath on Jesus who was made sin for us, or He will pour out His wrath on man for sin; either way the Holy One of Israel will deal with sin.

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    The law is not mercy or grace. These are different things. The law is the law. Grace is grace.

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    So now you admit it, Jesus and his Father are two seperate entities. Before Jesus did God, sounds like two seperate to me. Well done

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes. when God spared noah in the flood, and made a rainbow promising never to flood the whole entire earth again.

    Source(s): The Bible New International Version. Genesis 9:12-17
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    Yes read the OT

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jesus never existed. There is no historical evidence of him.

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    I dont think so, There was no way out.

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