If you are religious and own a gun for self defense are you trying to alter God's plan for you?

If God has a plan for everyone and you have a gun for self defense does that mean you are trying to change God's plan for you?


I should be Catholic? I guess I could follow a faith that its highest regarded people like to molest children.

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    ive heard religious people do a nice religious tap dance on this issue that actually makes an acceptable and solid argument.

    if we presume that this god fellow exists, then within the confines of thier belief systems, thier beliefs don't hinge on god magically showing his hand for every thing.

    you are baiscally taking a mental justification "god has a plan for everyoen" that religious people use as an excuse for bad things happening (kids dieing, etc.) so they can psycologically rectify the difference in a "benevolent god" and "why does god let bad things happen to good people" notions.

    so basically, they have always (the less looney ones anyway that actually take thier kid to the doctor rather than using prayer or other false hope), held that advancements made by man, were made because of god- so the typical "why would god make people doctors and medical knowledge if not for man to use them".

    so while its basically like arguing one thing or another based on a false set of guidelines and premises, its still a valid retcon or reconciliation under even thier ludicrus beliefs.

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    What in God's plan say that religious people should not have a gun? What a silly person you are! If someone shoots or kills out of self defense, it is not considered to be murder

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    You fail logic before you fail theology.

    Many have said what you say, about doctors. But what is God's plan there ?


    Chapter 38


    1 Hold the physician in honor, for he is essential to you, and God it was who established his profession.


    From God the doctor has his wisdom,

    You need to be a Catholic and stop all this nonsense.

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    No, I'm trying to protect my family from the one who wants to change God's plan for himself.

    Get your house broken into, in broad daylight, just once, and then see how you will want to protect yourself from those who try to change God's plan for YOU.

    Hey, do what the hell you want to do with me, but, the kids???? Be a threat to my child and I'll think you want to go TO God.

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  • Lotak
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    Who's to say what G-d's plan is? Maybe his plan is doing exactly what you do in life.

  • maybe the plan is that you defend yourself. Didn't think of that did you

  • Anonymous
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    No it means you are paranoid.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think you are right

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