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Jealous of girls talking to my bf?

im jealous of any girl that talks to my boyfriend. i am very territorial and i worry about losing him alot, and im very insecure about us. it is driving me crazy and i want to just let it go but it really annoys me especially when they flirt. we have been together for a year and half and i know i should trust him and i do i just dont trust other girls. help :(


he doesnt flirt back with them he is just friendly and i know he sees them as friends, i just worry about how they see it

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    My GF is the same and it does my head in as I cant do nothing right. My advise would be to try harder at trusting your boyfriend because if lad is like me one day he will snap and it will all be over and then you will have nothing to be jealous over.

    I havetried to re-assure her but nothing works, I want us to work but its so hard with all that jealousy.

    Stop before you suffocate your relationship

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    I was EXACTLY the same with my EX Girlfriend. I always blamed it on the fact that I didn't trust the boy's but when it comes down to it, it's really him you don't trust however much you disagree it's TRUE.

    The more you get jealous, the more needy you look. Just think of all the pressure you are putting on him! He probably feels he can't be himself around other girls that he's been friends with for years. That's not fair and although you two are still together, you wont be for much longer.

    Look at it like this:

    You keep getting jealous then you are going to lose him (not might lose him, WILL lose him)

    Do you really want to put your whole year and a half's relationship at risk all becuase YOU don't have any trust?

    Source(s): I was the same with my ex. That's why she's my Ex!! :'(
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    A twinge of jealousy is just human nature. The way I got over being so jealous is by reminding myself that we live in a world where my man is going to have to interact with other women, even flirtatiously. And I can't very well be jealous of the women he talks to or flirts with when I have male friends that I talk to a flirt with as well... Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, as it were. Just realize that you can't keep him caged up away from other women because he will find it smothering and overbearing and he's always coming home to you, not them. Good Luck, dear! ♥

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    gurl we are in the same boat.. i hate when gurls mess with my guy.. and all u can do is tell him how u feel and hope he stops or dont flirt back.. i mean trust me i kno it sucks.. but over time since hes been with u so long u ought to trust him by now.. if he hasnt left u yet i doubt he will.. but go by the saying "if another gurl can get u; then i dont want you" keep that mind set and ur heart will be just fine.

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    When i was dating my ex(we broke up 2 weeks ago ):) I would feel SOO depressed when i see him comment on his girl - friends status and when girls write on his wall on facebook and stuff. We dated for 6 months and i knew i had to trust him because he's just that honest type. He would lie to me sometimes but i guess those little things didn't bother me. i HATe girls who talk to my ex. I'm not over him yet but he's over me. So he's like talking to all the girls he wants. He's kinda the ladies man because he's really cute and funny and cool that alot of girls like him.. Most friends on his facebook/MSN are girls . :/ I say you should just trust him ,and don't let it bother you !

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    tell him to not flirt back and that you don't like it when so many girls talk to him. my gf is somewhat like you because i hug a lot of girls but i always hug her all the time after. don't worry, the feeling should go away once you tell him this.

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    hes your boyfriend and i understand that you get a little territorial but you just cant be mad when he talks to another girls that are not you because you probably talk to guys and you wouldnt like it if he got mad when you talk to them. just try to talk to him about it and let him know how you feel if he really loves you he would do something about it. :) good luck

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    understand how you feel..i think you should talk to him about how you feel. an easy way to do this is saying, "put yourself in my place will you like it if it was done to you" close attention to his facial expression. other than that i think you should loosen up a bit and jut let him to talk to girls as long as is just talking !!!

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    if u 2 have been together for a year he shouldnt be flirting with others girls at all! thats not cool and you have to tell him that, how would he lyke it if you started flirtin wit other guys...

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    Honey, Sweety,Sweet-pie, I don't like when my girlfriend be hugging other boys but as long as they aren't kissing its fine besides you have nothing to lose.

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