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Does an Opera singer's vibrato come from the throat or Diaphragm? Or both?

I've recently learnt about vibrato and was wondering how and where(in the body) Opera singers develop theirs.

I've been told that if you use one instead of the other, you can damage the voice...but can't remember which it was...

(Also if someone could explain what Bel Canto is, that would be really helpful too, thanks. I know it means 'beautiful singing', but most explanations i've read (which are REALLY long) confuse me to no end XD)

Thanks for any replies :) !

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    Well, my vibrato comes from my throat, or I think it comes from my throat coz that's where I feel it coming from whenever I sing.

    When singing, you should sing from the diaphragm since it makes singing a lot easier, helps you sustain notes longer, and helps you belt out those difficult notes better. I would like to define Bel Canto as a perfect way of singing, since it means you sing like an angel, seemingly effortless and smooth. I hope I helped on the bel canto thing, as that's how I simplify it.

    Source(s): i'm a singer
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