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how to block unwanted e-mails?

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    In Mail Classic, click on Mail Options on the right top side of screen, then click on the Spam option in the menu on the left side...then there is a section where you can type in the email address you want to block and click Add to put it in your Blocked address list.

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    You can block an address and Yahoo will delete any emails arriving from that address immediately----and you'll never see any of them.

    That email will NOT be returned to the sender (Yahoo deletes it), and they are not notified that they have been blocked (for security reasons).

    They will think you're still getting their emails and are just ignoring them.

    Mail page>>options>>mail options>>Spam (from the list on the left)>>block addresses.

    Enter that exact address in the space provided>>click "add block">>THEN click "save changes" at the top of the page.



    If you're referring to Spam----trying to block Spam is a colossal waste of time, ----(it's mostly ineffective). Spammers change their addresses with "each" batch they send out and never reuse one, so they slip easily past blocks.

    Just click the Spam tab on them and let Yahoo deal with them, which they do by sending them to the Spam folder (instead of the inbox) and deleting them at preset times.

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