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My boyfriend can't stop vomitting. Does anyone know what's wrong?

This has happened before and we're trying to figure out what's going on. We went out with his friends last night and he got pretty drunk, only off of beer. When we got back, he had 2 pizza pockets. Those came right up and he said he felt muuuuchh better. So he had two more pizza pockets and they came up again. He hasn't eaten anything since then and he keeps puking every 10mins. He says he feels cold and that his stomach hurts. Does anyone know what's wrong?


He can't sleep... he has to puke every 10 minutes.

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    A : A hangover

    B: Food Poisoning

    C: A hangover as well as food poisoning

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    haha why would you eat 2 pizza pockets after throwing it up the 1st time? Its probably just food poisoning and he will eventually get the dry heaves and stop. just wait it out.

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    he just ate too much too quickly, he should drink some liquids, some medicine and sleep a bit

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