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Is it better to eat before exercising or after?

I was planing on exercising today and i didn't know if i should eat before or after. So my question is before and after? and If before should it be a small meal, is there any weighting time before you should exercise? thank you.

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    You do not eat 2 hours before and 2 hours after exercising. If you

    don't want to bulk your muscle you do not eat animal protein five

    hours before and five hours after.

    If you are trying to get muscled, you eat low fat protein 2 hours

    before the workout, then 30 minutes after - a protein shake, then 2

    hours after a low fat protein meal again.

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    Depends on how much exercising you're going to do. If you need the energy to do some rigorous activity, then eat a light meal with carbs about 2 hours before exercising. If you're just doing some jogging or simple training, then just eat afterward. Be sure to drink water and make sure your meal after exercising contains protein to help rebuild the muscles you used.

  • Tasha
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    You want to have enough energy to exercise but you don't want to exercise on a full stomach. You can eat a small-medium meal about a hour or 2 before you exercise so the food has time to digest but you're not hungry again

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    After! Becaue if you workout before you might get nauscies!

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