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Question for the guy experts: What do you think?

I like him so so much, and I thought he fancied me as well. I was going to tell him in August.

- Asked me to a show stared, always sat by me, found my phone number, signed a card with "love", found reasons to talk to me or hug me, made me jealous, followed me, caught up with me, wanted to audition only with me, made me laugh, laughed at my jokes, jumped into my conversations, etc.

When the summer started, he was more in touch, but now, he is just busy. Which is understandable. But he promised to help me fix my car, and that he would send me some music to listen to, and he would always leave notes on Facebook. He once told me how much he hates summer vacation since he's so busy.

He and I are going to be working at the same job, and we were supposed to meet up on move-in day so he could help me with my car. At least, that's what he promised. HOWEVER, I deleted my Facebook account, but he has my number. It's been a week and he hasn't texted me or tried to contact me. But my other guy friend did. He actually texted me to let me know my favorite band was coming to my town.

My best friend says that my love is going to forget about helping me when we get back to school. She also said that he doesn't realize I'm even off Facebook. He did forget to send me that list of concerts he promised. Is it time to get over him?

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    Sorry but the impression i get is he is busy working, he showed you attention before so I would say no. And of course your mate is gonna do that its your mate not your possibly boyfriend.

    He may just be super busy working, try to enjoy your summer and just see what happens

    Good Luck

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    You seem so young why do you want to tie yourself to one person? Get out and socialise more, find yourself some girl friends to habg out, be a little independant and stoop relying on their to fix things for you. You will find gratificiation for doing things for yourself. There's nothing wrong with asking for help from time to time but you need to stand on your own too feet.

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