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Is a funeral just a way to celebrate the death of a person?

I guess a funeral is just a way for people to say, "Yay, this person is gone. Now he or she can never annoy us ever again. Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray! Good riddance to that filfthy person. Now we can all live in peace and quiet without that person around us." Then they all go and stuff their faces at the reception party and talk about how happy they are that the person is gone. How terrible!

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    it can depend on the relationship you have with the person. if you dont really like them then you could celebrate their death in that way. but it could also be a form of celebrating them and all they did for you or even for other people. its also a form of closure for some people. yes it is true you never do get over the death of a person you loved but a funeral is where you can say your last goodbyes before he\she is buried.

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    In most cultures, people celebrate the passing of the person into the next world, so it's a time of joy. Some cultures do not believe that death is by any means the final event, rather, it is a passing into a more joyous world than any known before. I was in Switzerland many years ago, when I was a child, and we had to wait for a parade of people dressed in white and wearing flowers, to pass, it was a funeral procession. IMO< that is a much more civilized and enlightened attitude toward death.

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    NO! Absolutely NOT! A funeral is a ritual performed as a closing dignified ceremony at teh end of someone's life. It should NOT be a party or a celebration, at least here in America. It should be quiet and dignified, a comfort to the bereaved and an honor to the deceased.

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    Fortunately for myself, and I'm sure many other people, I've NEVER looked (and never will) at it that way.

    Even though I've been heartbroken that I've lost someone I care about or love, I can celebrate in the fact that they aren't suffering any longer. I can celebrate that God called them home and where they are going is so much better than where we are still.

    As far as someone being that.....I'm not even sure what word to use here......callous maybe? I pity them. I honestly hope and pray that I never run into that at any funeral I attend.

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    A funeral is to celebrate the person's life, and to remember and respect them. But more importantly, it's to help the family get through the tragic loss of their loved one.

    Source(s): As young as I am, I've been to many funerals.
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    In my country we do not do any party after someone is death. I do not really know if it is worse or better to have people around you when someone you really love is death. And believe me if you have people who you really love, you should not talk like that, whatever culture and country. I really do not think people would talk badly about a death person in his funeral.

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    For some people, yes.

    It is also a way to show respect for or pay tribute for the dead.

    Funerals are also a way to help support loved ones during a difficult time.

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    Usually it's to celebrate their life and remember the good. However, some people may also think and feel the way you do.

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    It's to celebrate the life that the person lived.

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    My mother used to say funerals are for the living not the dead. I understood what she meant once I'd lost someone.

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