I was injured at work some time ago. Now they're interigating my mom about my mom about me what can I do?

I left the job upon a doctors advice and through no fault of my own because of the injury giving me a crazy amount of pain. I couldn't hardly move by the time I saw the doctor. Thus now I'm in a state funded retraining program for people that have a disability/injury. The other day my mom needed to ask for a day off (she still works where I used to work) to take me to the doctor. With my injury I can't drive that far it's just too painful for me and I'm not sure I could physically do it anyway. Her boss (at the same company) began to specifically ask questions in a hostile manner about me. It got to the point where it was like he was interrigating her. He asked about my hand, about the injury...about my training program...etc...

Thus it made her feel terribly uneasy and upset over it. I'm not sure what we can do. I read somewhere a long time ago something about how if there is a case against the company that the company and it's employees can not harass anyone related to the person suing. I believe it was under civil rights of people with disabilities.

Well anyways I just need some answers and some helpful links if possible. I live in missouri and I'm not sure about the employment or lack there of laws here.

Thanks and any help you could offer would be nice.

I'm worried about my mom being retaliated against because of my open work comp case.


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    First, no matter where you live, you mom does not have to tell them anything about you. Tell her that she should tell them you medical problems are none of their damn business. If they continue to harass her, call the dept of labor or contact the office that works with you for your disability and ask them about what you can do. If she is somehow fired or suspended and you feel it has to do with you, that sounds like a legitimate complaint with the labor dept. They can help you solve that. If you have a lawsuit against them and it is ongoing, contact your lawyer and let them know. They will probably send a letter to the company telling them not to talk to her about you. If they need to know what is going on with your disability they can talk to you directly or the state disability agency that handles it. Your personal medical conditions are between you and your doctor.

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    That is a slippery slope for them.

    Have your mom DOCUMENT everything.

    Have her get a notebook and write out "On Monday, June 20, 2010 at approximately 11:00 AM EDT, Mr. Boss began asked me this question and I responded with this. Next, Mr. Boss became aggressive and asked this question. I responded with such and such."

    Then consult with a workers comp attorney. They should give you a free consultation for the first hour or 30 minutes.

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    Your mom should tell him that there is nothing more she needs to tell anyone that she has to take her daughter to the doctor's.

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