Need a Farmer's Advice for Storing Beans?

This is my first year growing Lima Beans, String Beans, Peas, and Yellow Mushroom Beans. I only have a few of each planted because I am not sure how they grow. I guess I am experimenting this year. My question is:

What is the best way to harvest and store each?

I have done some research online and I like the idea of drying my Lima and Mushroom beans. I don't know what to do with my String Beans, though. I can't imagine drying them, and I am not growing enough to make a meal with fresh ones all at once (at this point I only pick about 2-4 fresh beans at a time). How can I keep them until I have enough to make a dish with them?

I have not had any Peas grow yet, and only 1 of my Pea plants sprouted for me. Can I dry these as well until I have enough for a meal?

Thank you for your advice!

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    My favorite for preserving green beans is to "can" them. Snap or cut the beans into preferred size, shake them as tight as they will go into sterilized jars (Kerr or Ball canning jars). It's best to sterilize the jars in the oven in a pan of water (this prevents contamination and heats the jars so they don't crack with the introduction of hot water). Spoon in a teaspoon full of un-iodized salt (for the quart. Only a half teaspoon for pint), pour in hot (not boiling) water to an inch of the rim. Put on a lid and cap that have been sterilized in boiling water. Screw the cap snug, but not too tight. Match water temperature (to prevent cracking the jars) in the pressure canner with bottle temperature of the beans (hot) and put them in the canner. Level of water in the canner should be two-thirds the height of the jars after all the jars are in. Seal the lid, turn up the heat, "vent" the canner for 7 minutes once it starts steaming, put on the pressure weights (according to your elevation, I use fifteen psi), and pressure cook for prescribed time (twenty-five minutes is what I use). Reduce heat (once pressure weights start to waggle) to medium (but keep heat high enough to maintain the waggle). Cool the canner without disturbing the weights. When pressure is relieved, carefully open the canner, remove the jars, and tighten the caps a little. Don't crank them down to the point of "gorilla-required" removal. Ensure that they seal (the lid dome pops down), and if they don't seal, refrigerate and eat them within a week. Beans are tender and have the best flavor preserved this way. Frozen green beans are rubbery.

    Freeze the peas if you have room in the freezer. But it doesn't sound like you've got a problem with too many. There's nothing better than "fresh-frozen" peas in the middle of the winter. Just pick, pod (or leave 'em in the pod if they are edible-pod), blanch (dip in boiling water for one-and-a-half minutes), immediately cool in ice water, bag (Glad freezer bags), and toss in the freezer. It's easy!

    Dry the lima and mushroom beans and keep them in a cool, dry place.

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    Hi Jacqueline

    This is how I used to deal with my beans and peas.

    Lima and mushroom beans - leave as long as possible on the plant until the plants starts to wither, then take the stalk of the plant with the beans attached and hang in a dry airy room for as long as possible.

    String beans - if you like them fresh - harvest as soon as they get to the length you prefer, then you'll have to eat them or freeze them.

    Peas - you can do the same as with lima beans.


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