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could you give me a list of miley cyrus' new songs on cant tamed album?

just wanted to look them up on youtube! thanks!

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    1. "Liberty Walk"

    2. "Who Owns My Heart"

    3. "Can't Be Tamed"

    4. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

    5. "Two More Lonely People"

    6. "Forgiveness and Love"

    7. "Permanent December"

    8. "Stay"

    9. "Scars"

    10. "Take Me Along"

    11. "Robot"

    12. "My Heart Beats For Love"

    13. "Can't Be Tamed" (Rockangeles Remix feat. Lil Jon) (iTunes Bonus Track)

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    1. Liberty Walk

    2. Who Owns My Heart

    3. Can't Be Tamed

    4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    5. Two More Lonely People

    6. Forgiveness and Love

    7. Permanent December

    8. Stay

    9. Scars

    10. Take Me Along

    11. Robot

    12. My Heart Beats for Love

    13. "Can't Be Tamed" (Rockangeles Remix feat. Lil Jon) (iTunes Bonus Track)


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    1.Liberty walk

    2.Who owns my heart

    3.Can't be tamed

    4.Every rose has its thorn

    5.Two more lonely people

    6.Forgiveness & love

    7.Permanent December



    10.Take me along


    12.My heart beats for love

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