can someone help me with this spanish?

Use at least two expressions with tener; five activities/sports expressions; the verb jugar; 4 expressions of frequency Your conversation must be at least 15 lines and each line needs to have at least four words.


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    Okay, here's the deal. I'll help you with this, but i won't do it for you. What I'll do is list some expressions in the categories you need and translate them, but you'll need to write your own sentences..

    Tener: (you'll have to conjugate)

    Tener sed (to be thirsty, literally, I have thirst)

    Tener hambre (to be hungry)

    Tener que (to have to)

    Tener ______ años (To have _______ years, To be _____ years old)

    Tener calor (to be hot)


    Béisbol (baseball)

    Baloncesto or básquetbol (basketball)

    Voleibol (volleyball)

    Ajedrez (Chess)

    Damas (Checkers)

    Natación (Swimming)


    This one's easy. Just conjugate it in a sentence with one of the above activities (not swimming though, obviously). For example: He was playing chess. él jugaba ajedrez.

    Expressions of frequency:

    Cada día (every day)

    a menudo (often)

    de vez en cuando (from time to time)

    Siempre (always)

    a veces (at times)

    frecuentemente or con frecuencia (frequently)

    Alright...I hope that helps. Good luck coming up with your sentences.

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    I'm Uruguayan and the accents and pronunciation is one of a kind among them .Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish are very identical however Argentinian tone is one of a kind and a few one of a kind grammar ,I discover it okay to talk to a Mexican however to anyone from Spain I haven't any concept methods to fully grasp what they are saying in any respect

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