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Getting money out of a trust fund with out paying a lot in taxes?

Ok, so when i turn 18 (in 2 and a half weeks) i get about 50k inheritance money from a trust fund and i found out that to just get the money as a check, i would have to pay tons in taxes, (between 40 and 50%). Is there a better way to get the money and still be able to use it to help pay for my college tuition? I would really like to minimize the amount of taxes i would have to spend.

Its a trust fund with about 50k. the money was put in the trust fund by Metlife life insurance i think when my father passed away because there was no one to hold on to the money, i think is the reason. So as soon as i turn 18, they give it to me, but they want to know how i want to receive

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    Who told you that?

    Oh 17 year old man of wisdom, I don't think it's true. Life insurance money passes without inheritance taxes, if YOU are the beneficiary.

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    You need to get your facts straight. You should know why the money is there, not think you know. Ask them exactly where the money came from and then re-post.

    If it is life insurance and you were the beneficiary, it should pass tax free. However, if the estate was the beneficiary, taxes would apply.

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