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If Bulls can't trade Deng does it make it harder for Lebron and Bosh to go there?

One of them cannot take a max contract and even if one of them does. They can only use the mid-level exception to add one quality shooter (approximately 6 mil) which won't be enough to add to their bench. Also Bosh has made it clear he will only go to a team with a sign and trade because he would make more if he signs with his current team and then accepts a trade and Raptors don't want Deng.

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    First off, isn't it kind of astonoshing how fast Deng fell off the relevance map in the NBA? This guy was once a future star Small Forward. Now , Toronto doesn't even want him.

    But yet, if Chicago found a way to deal Deng, they could easily sign 2 max free agents and even have something around a few million left to throw at a quality player who would be walking into a role player situation around Rose, James and Bosh possibly, and Joakim Noah.

    Dealing Deng would help the luxury tax situation as well, trading Hinrich made 2 max signing possible initially.

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    Lebron doesnt want to be in the shadow of Jordan.

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