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Predictions for Germany vs. Argentina?

Germans do you guys actually believe on the Octopus??

Special question for Dark Mistress: I was meaning to ask you what's you favorite Fullmetal Alchemist character and why?


As you can tell mine is Envy just because he kills for the thrill and (i like that???) but i also i like Greed you'll see why (Wrath and Pride and Father (you'll get to see who he is in Brotherhood))

Update 2:

Nah i can't post a question of Fullmetal in this section that's why I used the argentina germany as a "front" lol Argentina, i hope they win.

Update 3:

What? Really? Really? Come on you gotta have more faith than that Mistress. I'm not even Argentine and I have faith that they'll prove that octopus wrong LOL. Greed is a great character who cares a lot for others. True and Hughes is hilarious but I like creepy killers like Envy. I guess his laugh is what gets me....

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    Sadly I think Germany will win:/

    My favorite character is actually Hughes hehe. I really liked him as a person and he was funny. I was really sad when he died:( As for the humuculi, my favorite character would be Greed haha, cause out of all of them I think he has the most nobel intentions lol. He tends to protect his people because he wants them to work for him because of his greed, so he is protective of his possessions, and yeah...he generally doesn't freak me the hell out lol.

    Edit: haha alright I'll have faith:D I just gave to keep in mind the goal Higuain did against Germany in their recent friendly:D

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    Argentina has better individual players, and unlike other teams, these great individuals come together and actually play as a TEAM to make a FABULOUS squad :)

    Germany's offense will be hard to defend, but I'm predicting a 1-1 tie and then Argentina to win with penalty kicks :D

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    Argentina might have Messi, but 1) he is not doing so well 2) Germany works best as a team with a fast attacking game. Germany wins this by 1 goal deficit

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    Close game. It will depend on which team will be ready to play. Both teams had good and bad games this year. Germany 2 Argentina 1

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    Argentina has better individual players. But Germany is the better team. It'll be close.

    I'm predicting 2-1 for the Krauts.

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    Sadly, Germany will win. Probably 2-1.

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    Arg 7 Ger 6

    the most goal-scoring match ever in WC ! Mark my words

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    Argentina wins

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