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Should phil hughes have an innings limit?

First and foremost let me say that I am a big fan of hughes, even when he first came up in the league and was sent back down, I knew he had talent. I expect starters to have a bad start every once in a while, but I feel like the yankees innings limit is a bad idea. They tried it with joba, and his velocity is down, and his pitches are stale. I think they should stop babying their pitchers and let them pitch. Its not like hughes is old, he's a young, strong healthy guy.

I would bet that if the yanks didn't skip a spot in hughes rotation he would have been just fine yesterday. I think he was rusty because he was too rested.

What do you guys think?


@ Chandler, Agreed. If anyone needs an innings limit its AJ, not Hughes.

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    It has really helped them so far. They tried to limit Hughes's innings, and look at the start he had last night. They tried to limit Chamberlain's innings, and I don't even have to explain what he's been doing.

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    There are two sides of the coin:

    Yes, innings limit. We all see what happened to Francisco Liriano when the Twins tried to push him too hard a few years ago. You know the Yankees don't want to see that happen.

    No, no innings limit. I agree, they baby pitchers. At 10-2, Hughes has the best record on the team this year.

    MY OPINION: No innings limit. Use him now and if the Yankees have a large enough lead in the division in September, rest him then so he's ready for the playoffs.


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    I truly believe 10 days rest was the reason why Hughes got tagged yesterday. His control was no where to be seen. I mean it was the Mariners..

    They need to stop with the innings limits and just let him pitch freely. The Yankees totally mis-handled Joba Chamberlain. He isn't even the same pitcher anymore. Might as well use Joba as trade bait for Cliff Lee.

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    Yeah I know waht you mean. I was watching the game yesterday and I was surprised they were leaving him in there. The Mariners kept getting hits and hits off of him. I was surprised Joe didn't pull him, I mean he went only 5.1 innings and gave up ten hits. They seem to be pushing him. You are right about Joba, I hope the Yankees don't make the same mistake again.

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    yes i agree. if he wasnt rested, he would have done great.

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