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Moms to boys - a little help please?

Within the past month my son has discovered 'himself', which really doesn't bother me until diaper change time.

His stools are still pretty loose as he is almost 10 months old) so they seem to go everywhere. As soon as I open the diaper, his hands immediately grab his new 'toy' making even a bigger mess, all over his hands. So now I try to make him stay still (which is a joke), clean his hands, and try to keep the poo displacement to a minimum.

I am generally by myself during these changes, so I can't tag team him to distract him.

What did you do to keep his hands off himself during these changes? I need ideas.


You would think a toy would work, wouldn't you? Thrown to the side as soon as I undo the velcro - same for a sippie.

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    I handed him a toy that he ONLY got to see/play with when he was getting his bum changed! I kept a few of them on the change table so it was easy for me to grab.

    That or I had him hold the powder bottle, the diaper, or anything else nearby that could also be wiped off!

    If ALL else failed, I put socks over his hands and just pulled them off to throw in the wash - when he couldn't feel anything through them - he stopped haha

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    That's a fun one, isn't it! Well, at 10 months, I wouldn't expect him to always have loose stools. That seems a bigger problem to me than the rest of it! I would definitely consult your pediatrician about that. However, in terms of getting poo everywhere, if you have one of those spray heads in the kitchen sink, I would hold him over the sink, whip off the diaper and just spray him down. (Get the temperature of the water right and running before you do it). That way, if it's runny, it just goes straight down the pipes, and all the pipes join up in the end, wherever they start out in the house. The garbage disposal and a swish of bleach can take care of the rest. He can fiddle with his Johnson and everything ends up clean! :o) Good luck!

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    My boys liked the wipe containers or the wipes in the refill packages, that's what I'd give them to keep their hands occupied. Either that, or I'd give them the powder (closed, of course) to hold onto while I wiped their butts. Worked like a charm.

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    I'm with dread head mama on this one ... I have to give my son a wipe (he is obsessed with them and rarely gets them) if I'm changing a poopy diaper and he tries sticking his hands in it. He doesn't do it often but when it happens, it's gross and messy!

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  • i gave my boys a wipe to hold onto while i changed them... i'd make sure i was ready with a wipe of my own and i would lean their penises really fast as soon as the diaper was opened... and once that was done they could grab it all they want

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    He'll get over it in time. Patience is your best tool-keep the wipes handy. Kids find out how good it feels and that's natural.

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    Just have a toy ready for him and talk to him.

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    Give him a toy?

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