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How do I fix my terrible slice?

I've been playing golf for only 5 or 6 years. (I'm 15) But I've been playing baseball for 11 years, so my golf swing is really messed up because of that, I've been able to fix a lot, but my slice is terrible. If I'm on a par 4 with a wide fairway I have to aim left of the fairway and I hate that. So any tips on how to combat the slice would be helpful.

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    you can see:

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    The reason your ball flight moves to the right is because your club face is open to the target line at the moment of impact or an incorrect swing path.

    Why is that? Many factors can create this such as grip, alignment, timing and swing plane. The most common problem that creates a slice though is what is called "over the top".

    This occurs when the first move from the top of the backswing takes the hands and shoulders out away from the body bringing the clubhead back to the ball from outside the target line through the ball and then inside the target line.

    This swing imparts clockwise side spin and the ball flight you described.

    Fix it by making a conscious move downward with the hands once you reach the top of the backswing.

    Source(s): I am an avid golfer and golf writer htpp://
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