Is it me or do all conservatives respond to liberal statements with...?

"If you dont like it, then go live in another country?"



I didn't say i was a liberal...silly guys are SO predictable...i like the conservatives that proved my point!

Update 2:

One more edit: if you conservatives don't like OBAMA so much why don't you leave the country? OBAMA is here to stay just like bush and his oil companies and prisons..right?

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    conservatives have been saying that to me since grade school.

    "if you don't believe in Jesus, you should move to another country. america is for christians!" apparently, their parents taught them that catholics don't believe in the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth.

    men i work with, who managed to evade the draft during vietnam because of the religious beliefs of their families and never served a day in uniform, tell ME - a veteran of the US Army - that i should be deported for being a "socialist nazi pinko commie fascist america-hating traitor" because i don't toe the republican line.

    so, it's not just you. they really do respond like that in real life.

    now, when they gripe about the path america's on, i tell them if THEY don't like it THEY can move to some place where there's deregulation, less government, and lots of morons running around with automatic weapons...

    like Somalia.

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    Because they can't answer a straight question. our founding fathers were Conservatives, Were they?

    lib·er·al·ism, n.- A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.

    Now, look at the 2nd Amendment, an Amendment the RW is always 'defending'.

    If Liberals believe that humanity is good, then therefore Conservatives must believe humanity is bad. And, why should bad people have guns?

    Deregulation study McCain and buddy Phil, What caused both crashes. Right.

    Source(s): So read this but since it's more then a few lines they'll whine and go back to listening to Glenn Beck. Middle class folks who vote Republican just help them destroy us. conservatives have been saying that to me since grade school. "if you don't believe in Jesus, you should move to another country. america is for christians!" Study the bible Jesus wasn't a conservative he was a Liberal. Can't you guys read? Those that gave thumbs down show me where he was a conservative.
  • kpk02
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    The Constitution doesn't define the country that Liberals want. Yet there are plenty of other countries in the world that do have a foundation built upon freedom from responsibility at the minimal cost of relinquishing all other freedoms to the ruling elite with no questions asked.

    So the response is often quite appropriate, depending on the question.

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    Because most of europe already has the kind of laws that liberals like. There is no other country that carries the individual freedoms that true conservatives care for. Thus, if you want a government that tells you how to live your life, then move to the handful of countries that already provide that and stop trying to change things to match a cookie cutter social system like everywhere else.

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    Only when that liberal statement is tainted with....... America is bad, socialism is great, Marxism is a utopia.

    When some one says something like that, a logical and viable solution is to let them know, that hey. "If you don't like it, then go live in another country?"

    Oh and you did not have to say you were liberal, your logic or lack of it spells it out.

    And concerning your edit about obama, I can wait out the next 2 years until he is gone.

  • It's you.

    It IS a completely valid point though.

    Liberals already have the entire developed World run to their liking but conservatives have nowhere else to go. This is why 100% of liberals who are not amoral piles of crap have already left the country.

  • Tyler
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    The funniest part of that is when you throw that statement back at them after they've been whining about the current President they'll say "why should I have to leave...blah blah blah".

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    It's just you.

    But it also might help if you should try to say something intelligent instead of something liberal.

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    umm our founding fathers were Conservatives so I think you need to get on the next plane back to your mother land....and if you don't want us to question you then don't post anything on YA...

    again your muslim president needs to go back to Kenya where he was born. Tell me did your parents come here legally or are you one of the take advantage non law abiding citizens that is plauging this country?

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