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Any Lolita stores in Canada?

are there any physical stores from where you can buy lolita clothes in the following cities:Montreal,Quebec,Toronto, Ottawa?or stores that sell clothes which could be considered lolita?i'm into gothic,punk and ero lolita by the way.and places from where you could buy bloomers,petticoats and stuff like that in the cities listed above?please answer if you know.

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    I'm sorry, but there are no known physical lolita shops in Canada (I've heard rumours of a shop in Vancouver, but I was told that it's not that nice at all); if you're in Toronto, there's probably some things found in The Pacific Mall. The closet shop is across the border in New York City, called, "Tokyo Rebel". Other wise, you could attend some anime conventions that sell hand made to reselling brand name lolita goods. Although Canada seems to be void of any authentic lolita shops, there's a nicely sized lolita population, and maybe you live near by them :)

    (You'll have to scroll down a bit)

    Another place to buy online, yet avoid shipping fees if buying from a lolita near by is:

    It will take some search around, but you can buy your basics there for less than retail price (there should be a mostly complete list of brands in the Entry Tags). You can also post a WTB (want to buy) and request the items you need; be sure to mention your location, preferred area to buy from, measurements, and price range.

    edit: It looks like a Canadian lolita found something from The Pacific Mall:

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