BLACK HOLE in the center of the Milky Galaxy?

if so, why is the galaxy spreading out?

if there were a black hole, the stars would just orbit around the center of the galaxy or get closer to it. but they ain't neither getting closer nor orbiting, but they're spreading out.

hope u got a logical answer to it!

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    Your premise is wrong. The galaxy isn't "spreading out". You might be thinking

    of the expansion of the UNIVERSE in which individual galaxies and groups of

    galaxies are moving away from each other, but the Milky way is pretty stable.

    There IS a black hole in the center and the stars do, actually orbit it. That's, in fact,

    how we know there is a black hole there, by observing the speeds at which stars

    in the center of the galaxy orbit the center. The speeds observed can only be explained

    by the presense of an useen, very massive gravitational source, i.e. a black hole.

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    Yes, there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy. Our galaxy is not expanding. It is moving away from other Galaxies. Many people get confused by the fact that the Universe is expanding and then assume that the galaxy does too.

    There is a point at the edge of a black hole called "the event horizon", a point of no return for stars. Many stars orbit the black hole, but don't get close enough to be drawn into it. They all don't stay in a concise orbit, however. If they veer too much toward the black hole they reach that point of no return.

    Our galaxy has nebulae which create stars. So, stars are lost and others are born.

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    Stars in galaxies are not moving away from each other. Space is expanding only between objects that are not gravitationally bound to each other. The stars in a single galaxy are gravitationally bound to each other and/or to the Black Hole at the center of the galaxy (if one is there), so galaxies do not expand or spread out. Galaxies are moving away from other galaxies, but stars in a single galaxy are not moving away from each other.


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    The Milky Way has about 100 billion solar masses of material.

    The Black Hole in the center is 4 million solar masses. That's 0.004% of the total.

    It has a negligible effect on the dynamics of the Milky Way, except in the innermost 20 lightyears or so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Every Galaxy has a black hole and the reason the galaxy is getting bigger is because new stars are born every day in nebulas

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    a black holes gravitational pull may be enough to hold in the galaxy but you actualy have to be really close to get sucked in.

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