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would you be offended at this?

my 29 y.o. niece had a social function last nite which she asked me to do the photography at her events bcz it saves her money. this is the 2nd time i did photography at her event. i'm doing it out of love & support of her. last nite when i arrived, a cousin was there. this cousin helped raise my niece tremendously bcz my niece was abandoned & mistreated by her mom. when my niece arrived she ran to my cousin & gave her big hugs & kisses. i was standing right there. i didnt get so much as get a hello, hug, nothing. she was busy showing love to my cousin. later i said "wow .... i dont get a hug, kiss or NOTHING??" then she hugged me. i felt offended. she gives my cousin all of this love & attention but i'm right there & cant get a hug or acknowledgement?? i had to bring it to her attention? i'm doing your photography for free, not looking for nothing except to help out. i'm offended & i feel like mentioning it. i also feel like not going to anymore of her events & cutting her off, as well as the rest of my family members. this isnt the first time i've had tension with my niece OR my family members. they get on my nerves & i'm starting to really feel like not interacting with them anymore at ALL .....

how would YOU feel?

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    I would feel the exact same way. I would not talk to her anymore and not go to her events or anything. I would just totally reject her and get on with my life. :)

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    I would feel offended and used. Sounds like you're a great guy when you are doing something FOR them, and I'd stop doing it. I'd also tell them, under no uncertain terms, just how you feel and how hurt they have made you feel. Then, I'd tell them to get another photographer.

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    That was kinda selfish of her.

    If you don't want to go to any of her social functions and not be requested for help then tell her and the other family.

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    I think shes closer to your cousin and feels more comferatable with her since shes a girl and all.

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    I would be offended.

    You're talking time out of your life to help her, she is selfish for not being thankful.

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    is your cousin younger than you? maybe she's used to you being there. or your not like her cousin(as supportive,friendly)

    i'm 11

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    I'd get over it and make sure the pictures are hella good.

  • Your niece is a selfish *****.

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