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Help with simple math problem?

a farm has chickens and hens. there's a total of 120 heads and 380 feet. how many of each are there?


oops! i meant pigs and chickens. sorry!

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    (1) 2x+4y=380

    (2) x+y=120

    Work equation (1) and then work eauation (2)

    (1) 2x+4y=380

    divided by 2 on each side: x+2y=190

    subtract 2y from each side: x=190-2y

    (2) x+y=120

    subtract y from each side: x=120-y

    then take (1) and (2)


    add 2y to each side:


    subrtact 120 from each side: y=190-120


    just plug in the values to find the actual x and there you go :).

    Source(s): Math Minor in College
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    ... trick question? Both chickens and hens both have 2 feet each, meaning there should logically be 240 feet for the 120 heads. Unless this is some sick slaughterhouse joke or something.

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    ya got me all confused so theres 120 heads and 380 feet after they cut those off?

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    Use this formula

    (Animal Type 1:X)x(Number of Legs on that type) + (Animal Type 2:Y)x(Number of Legs on that type)

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    hens are chickens

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