in the movie shutter island, what does the eding mean?

I just finished the ending I'm not sure if the main charactor was cazy or not. please help

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    He was not crazy at the end. By saying, "It's better to die as a good man than live as a monster" it shows that he is sane and aware of what he has done. He remembers what happened with his wife and his children, and he can't live with that knowledge, so he forces the doctors to give him a lobotomy (by calling his doctor "Chuck"(?) or "Charlie"(?)), so he won't remember and he can "die as a good man" rather than "live as a monster".


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    He is crazy during most of the movie, however, at the end he seems to imply that even though he know understand he's been delusional he would rather stay in that delusional state and get a lobotomy that live in the reality of what happened. So he allows himself to return to his fantasy. There's no way for certain to know if he's truly delusional at the end or just pretending. The author of the book the movie is based on, Dennis Lehane, likes to leave his stories with question marks like that. He also wrote Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, which both leave you with questions to ponder.

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    In the end, he says something like "is it better to die a hero or live as a monster?" Something like that, I can't remember, b/c it's been a while. Basically they end it by implying that he was finally cured, and realized that his fantasy of being a "hero" detective was a lie but he would rather live that lie even though it meant he would be lobotomized. He killed his wife, and even though she killed the kids, he felt responsible for that too b/c he didn't get her help in time. So he felt like a "monster" b/c he killed his whole family.

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    He was indeed crazy, but know he's aware of everything. It's just so horrible to him, that he wants to make it like it didn't happen, so he called his doctor "Teddy" so that'd he'd stay there.

    Basically, he knew about everything. But he'd rather stay in his state of fantasy rather than live with the horrible reality. So he called his doctor Teddy so he could stay.

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    It's up for interpretation.

    1 idea is that after they cured him, he relapsed and they therefore had to give him the lobotomy anyways

    another one is that he was so upset at what he had done and what had happened to his familythat he pretended to be crazy again so they'd give him the lobotomy..

    ...either way, he got the lobotomy =\

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    That movie was vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hardto follow i think

    but yes i believe the ending is saying the main guy was the crazy one.. he lived this dream life and they were 'testing' him trying to break the crazy. thats what the whold movie is..the 'test'

    i didnt really like it >..<

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    It's meant to be a bit ambiguous. It's up to you to decide if he is still crazy or if he's acting.

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