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Science help thank yous so much?

1. __________ is the use of knowledge to solve practical problems.

A. Curiosity

B. Chemistry

C. Physics

D. Technology

2. __________ is a system of knowledge and the methods used to find that knowledge.

A. Chemistry

B. Astronomy

C. Technology

D. Science

4. Because there are many steps in determining scientific knowledge, science is

A. a single event.

B. a single occurrence.

C. a process.

D. none of the above

5. Scientists in which fields do NOT use the scientific method?

A. Geology

B. Chemistry

C. Physics

D. All of the above use the scientific method

6. Which step of the scientific method is information obtained through the senses?

A. drawing conclusions

B. making observations

C. analyzing data

D. revising a hypothesis

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    1.D 2.D (Where's 3?) 4.C 5.D 6.B

    Source(s): Engineers are smarter than school teachers.
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    1. technology



    4. process

    5. all use

    6. observations

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