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i get braces in an hour )!!?

im still kinda

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    Some time after the procedure there may be some discomfort. The actual procedure is really not a big deal at all. The only time there is some pain is after they replace the metal band that realigns your teeth. That's the worst part of it and it's really not all that horrible. I've experienced worse pain than this. Aspirin or other mild pain reliever usually takes care of it.

    Source(s): Had braces when I was a kid.
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    Wait wait wait... a few days ago weren't you the one who was like "I REALLY REALLY want braces but could i get braces even though i dont need them?"

    I'm confused?

    Why all the sudden are you scared to get them?? And it doesnt hurt to get them on, just like 3-5 hours later and for like a week....

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    relax the proedure doesnt hurt! only after about 5 hours they will start to hurt. it will be sore for a week. your dentist or orthodontist will tell you all about on how to take care of braces.

    Source(s): got braces a week and a half ago
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    Scared of getting Braces? lol

    Do you also happen to be afraid of the boogey man under your bed?

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    Dont be :)

    People may tell you all these horror stories about how painful it is, but it really doesn't hurt at all.

    You're teeth are a little sore for a week afterwards and that's it :))

    Source(s): I have braces
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    Don't be, they'll feel fine after a few days.

    -Former user of braces, current user of retainers. :D

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    nothing to worry about.

    just relax & later you will be very happy that you had braces treatment.

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