need guys and girls advice please! (long)?

im bestfriends with a girl i have known my whole life...she has been through alot and often comes to me for advice...i really dont know what to say to her so hence why im asking here

my friend has been dating this guy for around two weeks? hes said he loves her and recently he took her virginity when they had sex...he is a very clingy guy and my friend, lets call her kris, often tells me sometimes its she saaid they spent about two days together (he slept over) and he wanted to stay longer...anywys hes went away on holidays for three weeks and my friend is in hospitl due to comitting suicide...she took excess amounts of drugs and tried to drown herself...for the first two days, she was on life support but has now woken up and seems to be doing ok...i have contacted this guy, and he says he loves her but cant make time to come down from his holidays (he is about an hour away) my friend is devestated and is relly confused...what do you think she should do? is this guy worth it? would you expect someone who said they loved you to come visit you? thnks


hes gone to sydney to go skiing and to visit his family...last night my friend ws tlking to him online and he was too busy watching the world cup with his brother...he is a rich kid and his parents give him an allowance not to mention he just got out of a two n a half year reltionship with his ex...i told him it isnt helthy to jump into a reltionship so fast and he shrugged it off...i mean how is he suppose to know a good reltionship when all he knew was his ex (who was horrible to him)


thanks currently at the hospital with her and when she id discharged, shes gonna stay with me. he purposley turned his phone off so he wouldt have to deal with me or her ha would a douche...

Update 2:

shes been through alot of things lately...her boyfriend is very spolit and doesnt understand how he could possibly be in the wrong..

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    The best thing you can do for your friend is to be right by her side. If she sees that the little punk isn't there for her, she should be able to see he isn't worth it. There is a high possibility that she's crazy for this guy even though all that, that's where you come in. You, as her best friend, need to really express to her how you feel about this guy. YOUR OPINION MATTERS MOST! You're the one that has been her best friend basically her entire life, you know her best, and know when a guy is being a douche. Sounds like your her main support right now- keep it up!

    Best of luck!

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    I don't really think he's worth it...If i were you I would stick with your friend cause she's going to need your support. she'll probably be very sad, but she should forget the guy, he's a douchee! Honestly, if someone you love is in the hospital in a serious condition, and only an hour away, you'll do anything to go to the hosipital. He obviously doesn't care that much for her, aparently football is a lot more important than her..

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    I think you should tell your friend (kris) to break up with her bf. I mean this is serious stuff and he couldn't even take the time out to visit her? That doesn't seem like a good bf to me. And talk to her as well. Remind her that she can do alot better than the guy she is with right now. And that she deserves better than that. She'll thank you for being such a good friend.

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    Well all I can say is that if it were the other way around and my boyfriend(if I had one) was in hospital and I was only 1 hr away evn if it was further I can guarantee you I would be by his bed side from once I heard what happened and I wouldn't leave his bed side either.....he seems like a douche (sorry its just the way it seems) I mean he's "too busy watching the world cup with his brother" to talk to her ...thats just.... I can't think of a word to describe it only B***......He says he loves her well he certainly isn't showing my opinion he's not worth it....

    can you answer mine please??? I'd appreciate it;_ylt=Anb4e...

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    wow. this sounds DEEP. I think she should drop that guy and quick. might be hard for her since she gave up her virginity to him.(which was pretty dumb on her part, no offense) You are the guy that girls around the world look for. its great that you care for her like you do. whtat blows my mind is how she picked that jerk over you, who's been standing infront of her forever now. id help her let him go. maybe she'll realize how good you are to her. wish you both the best of luck! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    i think tht he likes "kris" but doesn't luv her as much as he says he does, otherwise he would MAKE time for her. I'm so sorry about your friend, I think you should talk to him privately when he gets back and ask him for the truth. Hope I helped!


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    err you need to support your friend mate. the bloke seems like a rich bastard who wants a rebound. ask your friend to get professional help. its scary to hear such a thing

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    ik if it were me i would dump him in a min...he isnt worth it especially since he seems to be making stupid excuses to not come see her...if she was almost dead and he "loved" her he would unquestionably want to see her...i think he is a jerk and she should foccus on her health rite now and forget about him...

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