can i put clothing in my carry on bag?

im going to el.salvador for a month and i have had bad luck loosing clothes so i wanna put my most expensive clothing in my carry on purse can i have all clothing in my bad and my makeup bag also how much can it weigh?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can definitely put clothes in there and make up, unless the make up includes liquids that exceed the carry- on restrictions. Also check with your airline for dimensions and other restrictions.

    I am traveling to Europe and can check one pc. of luggage, have one carry one and one personal item *purse* with me. For the carry- on I am using a trolley suitcase because every single time one of my luggage items was late or lost for a while, regardless of airline. To have make up, valuables etc. (and some clothes) with you makes sense. Who knows where one may get stuck and I hate the hassle of hunting for replacement stuff after a long journey.

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