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how do i revive my little hermit crab?

my hermit crab pumpernickel just molted yesterday. also, yesterday pumpernickel came completely out of his shell because another hermit crab got into a shell fight with him. and then i put pumpernickel into an isolation tank w/ plenty of shells to choose from. this morning he was still naked and he was very limp and moved around only a little. i rinsed a good sized shell off and i rinsed off the hermit crab. i then put him back into the shell and he wont hide inside of it. then i found a little tiny brown bug crawling on his claw! how do i get my hermit crab to be healthy again?

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    Awww! Poor Pumpernickel:(

    I'd say to call a pet store that sells them, they should know what to do. How old is he. It may be his time to go:( Or he may need some time to recover. Just keep him in a quite area so he's not stressed. Keep food and water within reach too.

    I wouldn't worry much about the little bug, it could have come from anywhere, but if it's some kind of mite that is attacking him there could be more. You can get a chemical for mites at a pet store, you soak a cotton ball with it and put it in the cage. Gets rid of mites and doesn't hurt the pet.

    My rat had mites once and we got rid of them really fast this way.

    I hope Pumpernickel will make it!!

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    Well you have several problems here. First, you have a bug problem. I do not think that this is the only bug. Keep your eyes out for more, and if you see any more, that most likely means that there are many of them, and you have to get new sand and clean out the tank. This is no big deal, because you can just use play sand which you can get at hardware stores very cheap. Get rid of the substrate in there now, and clean out the cage with water and either vinegar or soap. Do not use any chemicals, because these may be safe for other pets, but not hermit crabs. This is not your main concern, however this still has to be dealt with. Putting this off is not to big of a deal.

    Your much more obvious other problem is pumpernickel. In the future, you should keep crabs isolated after they molt until their skin hardens. To late for that now. I would bathe the hermit crab in dechlorinated water to get rid of the bugs on him. I don't exactly know what you mean by he won't hide inside his shell. If hes in the shell he should be fine. If he isn't in a shell yet, you should put him in a small dark container, just him and a clean shell. Then just start patting him gently on the head until he goes into the shell. Then provide him with food that has calcium in it, to harden his exoskeleton. I find my crabs often are not very active right after a molt, but that lasts for normally about a week or so, and then they get all of their energy back.

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    It sounds like you have done the right things so far; I would take the crab out again, clean the isolation tank really well and dry. Do you have any sterile tank sand? I have found they like to burrow compleately into the sand between molts, and once the new skin is a bit harder they come out and start trying on shells. Being that you found a bug on him is probably not good, especially if he just did a molt, as he is too soft to have much of a natural protection.

    Anywho, clean out the iso tank. Add some steril tank sand and a some clean tank rock or gravel. Put him back in with several steril shells. If you are in debate about the sterility of the shells you can boil some water and add a small bit of salt. The boiled water will kill off any parasites that are visable, the salt will take care of any unseen bacterials. After it gets boiling, take water pot off stove and put the shells in for 5 min. You can boil and cool another pan of water for rinsing the shells or use bottled water to rinse off the salt water. ( since hes kinda soft still) Put the shells in the sun inside where they can air dry away from outside bugs and dirts;( sun is another natural killer of bacterials) Check shells and toys, big rock etc. and if you are indoubt about bugs on anything sun or boiled water the pieces before putting into cleaned tank. Put the shells into iso tank and see how he does. If you want to do it more quickly you can microwave the water ( plain or salted) and add the shells for 5 min. after you take out of micro. Then blow dry with hot hairdryer, or canned air.

    Im sure you know that your crab need water bottle spray down often especially if the is out of the shell and not burrowed. I know they may prefer to burrow in damp sand so that might be something to consider if he doesnt take to burrowing vs. shell. They can burrow for a week or so at a time, so just keep an eye on him if he burrows and doesnt come out for food. unbury him to make sure he still moves. Poor guy. Hope something here helps....

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    Nope they're going to be in simple terms high quality. i are conscious of it style of feels like the bigger one might rip the toddler aside yet I certainly have vast and little hermit crabs mutually and that they are doing alright. The smaller one will stay out of the bigger one's way and be docile in comparison to the bigger one yet they're going to get alongside high quality. as long because of the fact the bigger hermit crab isn't aggressive it might possibly no longer harm the different hermit crab except it particularly is battling for a shell and since the toddler is obviously no longer donning a shell it may slot in, it could be in simple terms high quality. Congratulations on getting the hermit crab a buddy, they do get lonely without one! in case you ever have questions approximately your hermit crabs you're consistently welcome to e mail me. reliable success mutually with your little infants! :)

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