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is my deck tournament worthy?

this is my deck ....help would be good and rating it would be helpful to

monsters: 20

dark armed dragon

3x dark crusader

1x caius shadow monarch

1x sangan

2x breaker the magicalwarrior

1x necro gardna

2x mystic tomato

3x armageddon knight

1x chaos sorcerer

1x blackwing gale

1x strike ninja

1x gorz emmisary of darkness

2x dd warrior lady

spels 10

3x monster reincarnation

1x mst

1x dark eruption

1x reinforcement of the army

1x brain control

1x swords of revealing lght

1x allure of darkness

1x heavy storm

traps 10

1x sakeretsu armor

1x call of the haunted

1x torreintal tribute

1x botomless trap hole

1x destruction jammer

3x dark bribe

1x solemn judjement

1x return from the different dimension

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    If you need to ask this question, then the answer is probably no.

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